My writing career began in elementary school when I coerced two friends and my younger sister to form with me a writer’s group. We called it the Writer’s Block (completely innocent as to the malevolence in said name) and wrote short stories to sell in our neighborhood for a quarter.
Outside of the occasional grandparent sale, I don’t believe we made that quarter. The entrepreneur clause in our by-laws (requiring us to knock on neighborhood doors) eluded us, distracted, as we were, by writing short stories and choreographing dances to our favorite songs for our stuffed animals.
But the addiction stuck. I’m a writer.
Which is to say that while I may appear to be enjoying lunch with a friend at a restaurant, waiting at a red light, or making dinner, I’m actually eavesdropping on the conversation behind me, jotting down a thought in my handy-dandy Nancy Drew notepad, or imagining another world entirely (while burning dinner, if you must know the truth).
Logistics: I received my Bachelor’s of Music from Baylor University and my Master’s of Theology (with an emphasis in Cross-Cultural studies) from Dallas Theological Seminary. And while my days as choreographer ended, I still randomly break out into song and dance in grocery store aisles, in my office, and in national parks. When not writing or dancing, you might find me entranced in a book or perfectly balanced (eh-hem) in a yoga pose.
Also, I’m a chronic knitter.

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