What I Did on My Summer Vacation

A short essay to my fourth-grade teacher about what I did on my summer vacation*:

This summer, we went to Long Island (population 3,000), an out island in the Bahamas. We discovered many beautiful and sacluded sicluded empty beaches. Sometimes we would play on the beach without seeing anybody! We spent most of our time at Dean’s Blue Hole, a sink hole that dips 633 feet a couple of meters off the beach. The man who holds the world record for the deepest free dive achieved that here.

Dean's Blue Hole

Here are some things I did at Long Island:

  • ate fish I caught (namely tuna, grunt, and bonita)

    Yes, that’s fish blood on my shoulder. I wore that sucker’s blood on my ankles, legs, and shirt. I am conqueror!

  • played hide-and-go-seek with pilot, parrot, tang, yellowtail, trigger, and other random assortment of fish
  • made friends with one particular fish–Danny–who liked to swim circles around me when I was still and tucked himself under me when I swam (if you’re reading this, Danny–hi!)
  • saw fish fly (also fish fry, but we covered that)
  • survived an incident with the reptile that shall not be named (hint: it tempted Adam and Eve and God foretold that there would be animosity between it and women forever; my fears are biblical)
  • tasted the best mango in the world (delivered to us by some locals from their trees on almost a daily basis; if you’re ever in Long Island, I recommend the kidney mangoes)
  • encountered several barracuda and lived to sing about it (All that night and all the next / Swam without looking back)

Here I am, relaxing nonchalantly on my raft above the blue hole (you can see by the color change where it drops off into never-never land). Notice the barracuda (which I conveniently circled for you) about five feet from me. This was not the scary encounter because (1) I did not know at the time that he swam nearby (my husband neglected to mention it to me while he photographed us) and (2) I was out of the water–not snorkeling mere feet from him.

  • read several books on my Kindle since the Calvin Festival (can I say how much I love Niall, my Kindle? I didn’t have to cart tons–and when I say “tons,” I almost mean it literally–of books; watch Shelfari for upcoming reviews of my favorites)

We had lots of fun, and I can’t wait to go back. And that’s what I did on my summer vacation.

*I wonder what Ms. Harle is doing these days?

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