A Little Bit Willy Wonka

For those of you who don’t know, we have a baby coming into the world in a little over a month. Which means I’m looking at my house with new eyes, examining things like the concrete and glass coffee table in the living room, the light switches we never bothered to plate, and the stained carpeting.

A word about my house: my husband owned it for several years before we met. And he had several roommates. In other words, it was a bachelor pad. Full of bachelors who didn’t know things like you have to empty the vacuum bag (when they used the vacuum, that is).

In other words, no matter what I do, the carpet in the bedrooms and the hallway connecting the bedrooms is in a sad state. Who would want their baby doing tummy time on this?

So my husband agreed to new carpeting. And while we’re at it, let’s put in the tiling in the bathroom.

A word about the bathroom floor: My husband and I discussed replacing the old linoleum and carpeting in the bathroom about a year ago in vague terms. One day, I got sick of it and tore it all up. Without exactly discussing this with my husband. (What? Me? Impulsive?) So we’ve had unstained concrete flooring in the bathroom since then. Which, to be honest, hasn’t looked all that bad, in my opinion. (But I adore our stained concrete floor in the living room. I wanted it throughout the house instead of new carpeting but was talked out of it by more practical-thinking people. Darn these practical people in the world.)

All this to tell you that we ("we" meaning, really, my husband because have I mentioned that I’m eight months pregnant and not allowed to lift much? Darn this pregnancy that forces me to not lift many fingers and be completely spoiled) moved all our furniture from the bedrooms into the rest of the house.

Which means that as of right now, our bed is situated directly in front of the HD TV in the living room. A dream come true for my husband. If he has anything to say about it, I may not ever get my bed back into the bedroom.

It feels a little bit rebellious and a little bit Willy Wonka.

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