And Singing "It's A Small World" 3,298 Times

Here’s the thing. I want to hate Disney–all the commercialization and the take-over-the-world-ization. (Seriously, just because it’s a Disney movie doesn’t mean it should be a Broadway musical. The world didn’t need Lion King on stage.)

But I can’t help myself. I loved it. I love what it does for families. So, in no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite things about Disney:

8. The bathrooms–you can’t sneeze without hitting one, which is great when there with your nine-year-old niece. Who am I kidding? It was great for the nine-year-old’s aunt and grandmother.

4. Getting to be a princess and a pirate in one day.

That’s my "arrgh, matey!" face. Scary?

7. Fireworks and parades–come rain or shine, let’s go! On with the show.

2. Imagination–it goes wild in a place like Disney. In one day, you can snack pastries from France, go into the future, travel on a safari, and fly with Peter Pan. Anything is possible.

10. Making my family nauseas on the teacups. Come on–who doesn’t love to get dizzy? If someone doesn’t vomit, if anyone’s walking in a straight line after the ride, I haven’t done my job well.

5. The Phillies paraphernalia–it was everywhere! Love it. Guess when you’re the reigning world champs, you go to Disney World.

9. Crowd control–Disney knows how to keep large amounts of people happy and moving. We didn’t have to wait in terrible lines (and kept moving even when they were long), and Disney provides misters (as in water spraying, not men) and plenty of air conditioned buildings. Good job, Walt!

3. Unity–you may have come in a mini-van, Harley, suped-up Cadillac, Pinto, Smart car, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang or flying carpet. You may wear wife-beaters, Polo shirts, pants buckled around your knees, rings lining your ears, eyebrows and nose,  Princess dresses, emo, or fanny-pack. It doesn’t matter. You love Disney. It is a small world, after all, you know.

6. Touring eleven countries in less than two days. Beat that, Jules Verne!

And my number one, favorite thing about Disney . . .

1. Breaking out into song and dance in the middle of the street. 

(I should note that I wasn’t invited to join these singers, but hey, when you know the song, you know the song!) 


(Also note that I didn’t wear the same thing every day. It just so happens that all the photos I picked to share with you were taken on the same day.)

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