Hi, my name is Heather. And I’m an addict.

Blame Bard Barkat. She told me about all these cool new online communities, and I had to check them out. One thing led to another, and here I am.

I became a member of Helium. You can write articles and post them. I posted an article on Early Christian Art (Exploring the Mind, Body, and Soul Connection: Early Christian Art) on what I learned at an exhibit I went to this past weekend and how it inspired me. Their art revealed their theology of the resurrection, of the body, and of their hope. They took common and even pagan forms and infused them with Christian meaning, which I think we can learn from.

Then there’s Squidoo. I created two pages, both as resource rooms. The first is Memoirs of an Imaginative Theologian, which has links and resources for getting involved in social justice endeavors, for finding arts stuff when you need some inspiration, and for writerly articles and sites I’ve found helpful. It’s my way of fitting together the pieces of me, of who God created me to be. If you have any suggestions for any of the areas (links you know of that I’m missing), leave a note, and I’ll add them.

The second page is Book Club 101. In it, I collect tips from my experience, discussion questions from past Books of the Month, and highlight a book each month. (By the way, you can also discuss the Book of the Month as well as past Books of the Month at Intersection.) It’s a space for people who want to start a book club and need some helps or who have a book club and need discussion questions to steal (both general questions and questions for specific books). If you don’t have one near you and don’t have time to start one but want to share your reading, I’d suggest the Intersection forums.

Then there’s Zimbio. You take your blog posts or write new articles and post them to wikizines. You can add to wikizines already created or start a new one. I’ve found a couple of interesting wikizines there, for example Relevant Christianity and For Writers. Here’s my stuff.

You may have also noticed some new buttons on the sidebar (or you may not have, but I’m telling you about them now). Many of you have been wishing and hoping and dreaming about a L’Chaim widget that you can add to your website or blog to show that you are a loyal fan and share the greatness that is Heather Goodman with the world. Clap your hands three times, and here it is! Click the "Add L’Chaim" button and all your dreams will come true.

Besides that, there’s the Socialize It button. This will add me to your favorite social bookmarking tool–Technorati (although I think I’ll leave the Technorati button up for a little while too), Digg It, Del.ic.ious (or wherever you’re supposed to put the periods), and a hundred others. If it exists, it’s included in Socialize It, and with one click (okay, two, one on this page and one to choose which social bookmark you prefer), you can add me.

And you know you want to add me.

Now can I get my present for the most links in a post ever?
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