The Jersey Shore, or Glimpses of the Resurrection

The shore is a place of Revelation to me. It’s a foretaste of what we will know in God’s re-creation. Fortresses of sand cross the beach line, their gates always open. They’re built with love and laughter. The joy is in the creation.

It’s a place where giggles escape.

It’s a place of games–paddleball, whiffle ball, football, frisbie, bocce, horseshoes. It’s a place where we remember to be child-like.

In this place, it matters not from whence you came or to where you go. It matters not your education or training. All that matters is your mutual joy and comaraderie. Strangers become fast friends.

In this place, we wear our delight like red carnations. And like Moses’ encounter with God, it fades slowly from our faces.

I taste the resurrection in the salt air, in the laughter, in the beauty, in the ever-changing and never-changing ocean.



And, I taste the resurrection in meeting friends. Lela lives in Moscow. I live in Dallas. We met online for a Soul Per Suit bible study. And we discovered that we were at Ocean City just blocks from each other! Lela walked down the beach.

And, of course, I taste the resurrection in the water ice (pronounced wooder ice).
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