Frolic and Play the Eskimo Way

I had planned on joining High Calling Focus with some silhouette shots today, but nature intruded on my plan.

And I couldn’t be happier about it.

Yesterday, we trekked to church in the rain. By the time we left, snow graced our bit of the world.

How often do you get to see cacti covered in snow?

Winter Wonderland

Winter is vulnerable and naked. It has not the flourish and feast of spring nor the childhood fun of summer. It has not the vibrant colors of autumn. And in Texas, it usually has not the brilliance of a fresh snow.

But this year, Mother Nature took pity on us. She adorned us with jewels I haven’t seen since moving to this state.

The Trees’ Fashion Show

Shivering Gnome

Frosty’s Lair

A Dog’s Dream
Renew Now