Lost Genesis Footnote: The Story of the Mango

On the sixth day, God looked out onto his creation and said, “It’s pretty good, but it’s missing something.” He wanted to give man and woman a special treat, that little extra something.

He’d given them the cocao tree and knew that they would someday figure out how to pound its bean into chocolate. He looked forward to the day they’d make cheese out of their excess milk. He created the coffee bean and foresaw the day when young Malech would accidentally drop his toy beans into his mother’s boiling water. But he wanted to offer them something now.

Hence, the creation of the mango tree and its fruit, the culmination of all the succulent fruits he’d called forth into being.

And God said it was very, very good.

Some time later, after the serpent and the temptation and the fall, when God sent forth Adam and Eve from the land of Eden to the rest of the now cruel world, he displayed his magnificent mercy with one last gift: he let them keep the mango. All other fruits and vegetables would hold only a fraction of their flavor and juice, but the mango would remain perfect.

(Although why Adam and Eve wanted to taste any other fruit when they already had the mango is beyond comprehension.)

And so, to this day, the mango remains a sign of God’s mercy and a promise of what is to come in the recreation (see Revelation 21-22 for further detail).


  1. That has to be it. I completely agree!

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