Mind the Gap

What would you do if you discovered this at your local bus stop?

I’d pump my legs and get as high as I could. Or maybe I’d ask the person standing next to me to push me. I wonder if they would.

Hat tip to Nate Barksdale on Culture Making


  1. I would SO be swinging as high as I could go!!!

  2. The husband of one of my high school friends did a project similar to this. He built an adult-sized chopper tricycle and rode it around town, all in the name of re-awakening the child in all of us.
    Not sure if he let others hop on it, but man that’d be awesome! Then I’d flip it upside down and spin the pedals to “make ice cream.” :)


  3. That is a picture of grace if I ever saw one! And that’s what we should do…. help others be surprised by joy. It worked for C. S. Lewis.

    (And his joy, was Guinness with Tolkein every Wednesday!)

  4. My joy–a glass of wine with friends. Then chocolate dessert. And lots of deep, hearty laughs.

  5. Me? I would definitely swing and swing high. It made me sad how few people took advantage of it! They looked at it as if they weren’t sure what to do with it. Take a pic with your phone then ask someone else later? Even those who did sit on it looked around before doing so, as if they might get in trouble or something. Adults are far too inhibited.

  6. Do you know the Escape Adulthood site? You’d adore it! http://kimandjason.com/blog/

  7. Gosh, I hope I’d swing!

  8. Very cool. I put this as the featured video at highcallingblogs.com today. Sadly, there is no way for me to give you a hat tip. sorry. but thanks for the great video link.

  9. Glad you’re able to pass the joy along!

  10. I’d probably sit in it and break it.

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