The Sophisticated Idea and the Frayed Mom

Let’s call this post “fashionably late.”

It’s late partly because the idea got ready in her own time, dilly-dallying as she dressed for the party, pausing at the mirror, examining first this dress, then that, these earrings, that scarf, the blue eye shadow or the brown? It’s late partly because the idea encountered traffic (a.k.a. life events) on her way to the party, and though she offered the taxi driver extra cash if he got her there on time, if he found some back route, some hidden way, her cash meant nothing.

But here she is, nonetheless, in her favorite black dress and her silk scarf from Spain and her hair swept up in a bun.

And she whispered to me as she clutched her clutch purse: give up blogging and twitter for Lent. Oh, and, for good measure–Pinterest.

I tried reasonable arguments, emotional pleas, and, finally, hair-pulling (she didn’t appreciate me messing up her bun). I’m a mother at home all day with a toddler. I need this time. Please, please, please. But she remained stubborn, impassive, (with the single allowance for Facebook). You need time to pray. You have things to pray about, she said.

So, with food streaked down my arm from lunch and Cheerios stuck to the bottom of my foot, so smelling of spilled milk, I give up and give in.

She allowed me this last indulgence, this late Mardi Gras, a single post to say, “See you on the other side.” I will miss you.


  1. Seriously excited to read more when you return.

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